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CREATIVE FACE advises and coaches entrepreneurs and management in growing or established companies as well as startups.

Our offer covers the analysis, creation of concepts, elaboration and evaluation of alternative courses of action, finding of the best possible solutions as well as accompanying the implementation in the company.

Our focus is on these business fields:

The business model is the basis for the company’s success.

Together with you, we analyze the business model, assess opportunities and risks, look at the market environment, find the appropriate organizational and legal form and work out the steps and actions to turn the business idea into reality.


Planning is not everything, but without planning nothing works well.

We support you in the creation or optimization of your business plan. All relevant data regarding the product, staffing, marketing, sales and financing are summarized in a profit and loss analysis and cash flow statement.


A rapidly changing economic environment represents a permanent challenge for the management of a company.

Together with entrepreneurs and the management we answer questions concerning the corporate culture and management systems, the leadership qualities and the personnel development.


The optimal organization is an important success factor for your company and increases its value.

We help you to sustainably optimize the quality of your organization and to gain competitive advantage. Our advice and coaching covers topics such as process optimization, restructuring, cost reduction and organizational development.


The financial situation has a decisive influence on all areas of your business. The better this fits with the current company situation and the future plans, the more freedom of action arises.

As part of our advice and coaching, we analyze the financing of your company, show strengths and weaknesses and potential for improvement to optimize the financing structure, assist in the preparation of income, profitability and liquidity planning and the calculation of corporate KPIs. On the basis of this data, we examine the various financing options and help you make the right choice for your company.

We also assist start-ups in creating and optimizing pitch documents and assisting them throughout the pitch process and beyond.


Internal and external communication is an important part of the corporate culture as well as for the external perception of customers, potential employees and any stakeholder in your company.

We analyze your internal and external communication and identify the relevant stakeholders. Based on the analysis, we help you to make your communication more effective and efficient. This covers all communication channels, including social media.

We also advise on the reorientation of corporate communications and the reorganization of structures and processes.


Unexpected changes at the executive level can sometimes come quickly and unexpectedly. Sometimes it might be not possible to find ideal successors directly or this is not the intention for other reasons.

In that case CREATIVE FACE assists you in overcoming such management bottlenecks. Our services ranges from external consulting to temporary work in the company and the search for suitable successors.


CREATIVE FACE advises investors on their plans to participate in young and up-coming companies in promising industries.

Before an investment decision can be made, it is crucial to know all relevant facts and to evaluate them correctly. Only on the basis of the knowledge of the company data, the company environment and the interests of all concerned parties can a solid decision be made.

We support you in this process by analyzing the business model and the company data, assessing opportunities and risks as well as accompanying and moderating the participation process. It is important for us to find the best solution for all parties in a targeted manner.