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HARDCORE - New Finnish Design in New York

Finnish designers take over Meatpacking District during New York Design Week 2008. From May 17 until May 19, 2008 HARDCORE New Finnish Design showcases 20 individual design projects and concepts from Finland presented in collaboration with major Finnish design companies Iittala, Artek and Marimekko. The exhibition is organized by Design Forum Finland, the Consulate General of Finland in New York and the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, and presented in collaboration with the Meatpacking District Initiative and Abe NYC, Inc. The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday May 17, 12 pm.

The HARDCORE exhibition defines the essence of today's Finnish design. It gives a timely view on Finland's unique design scene through the eyes of exhibition curator, world-renowned designer Ilkka Suppanen. His statement about HARDCORE: "Hardcore is used to refer to an extreme dedication to a specific activity or to something more intense than the regular mainstream. It can also be understood as a definition of the most authentic part of something, the essential core of something. Finnish design is extreme in its own way. It focuses on the essence of the design problem at hand and the situation in question."

The Finnish Designer 07
The Finnish Designer 07Die Finnischen Designer 07


The Finnish Designer 07

create berlin showroom no 9 - the finnish designer 07, alma jantunen and johannes rantasalo from lasisirkus / photo: sarah bräuner, hedi koermendi, raphael lutz / courtesy create berlin
CREATE BERLIN Showroom No 9 - The Finnish Designer '07, Alma Jantunen and Johannes Rantasalo from 'Lasisirkus' / Photo: Sarah Bräuner, Hedi Körmendi, Raphael Lutz / courtesy CREATE BERLIN

Tom Felber for creative face Magazine

The exhibition "The Finnish Designer ‘07" presents designer and artists from different design disciplines who have been awarded by by Grafia and Ornamo, two of the leading Finnish designers' organizations. The award-winners 2007 will be showcased in CREATE BERLIN's new Showroom in Wallstrasse until May 4, 2008. The criteria for the Designer Awards '07 have been among others innovativeness and artistic value. The exhibition at CREATE BERLIN Showroom provides an insight into the quality and standard of Finnish design.

Graphic Designer of the year 2007 is „Dog Design". Ilona Ilottu, Petri Salmela und Eeva Sivula, who form the graphic designer group „Dog Design" are well known in Finland with their visual communication for more than 15 years. The pure and innovative style as well as high quality are Dog Design's brand label in all kind of visual projects, like stamps, book-covers or the visual look of the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki 2007.

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HARDCORE - New Finnish Design in New York

Harri Koskinen 'Genelec Sound System'

harri koskinen - genelec 5040a, 2008 © genelec
The Designer Harri Koskinen, born 1970 in Karstula, Finland studied at Lahti Institute of Design and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He has been awarded in 2000 as "Young Designer of the ...

Finnish Design


the sketch from pasi pänkäläinen and simo puintila / cortesy ornamo
Tom Felber for ceative face Magazine Each year the Finnish Association of Designers ORNAMO awards Finnish Designer. This year the ORNAMO Design Award was granted to the designer Pasi Pänkäl& ...

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