Imagine ...

creative face YASHA YOUNG on tour: New York City in December

Imagine ...

guild of the black eagle studio / photo: yasha young
Guild of the Black Eagle studio / Photo: Yasha Young
NYC in December. The city is filled with tourist visiting NYC to get enchanted by the Rockets in Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular after having bought that pair on Levis "on sale - 50% off" and before eating in a crazy overpriced restaurant on times square.

That's the time when usually every hard core native New Yorker or long time habitant of the city becomes grumpy and annoyed at every little thing hiding inside as much as possible ordering XMAS presents online and food via deliver to the door step as well as laundry drop off service while flipping through the 1399 TV channels we have. So really there is no need to go outside and be run over by an angry yellow cab racing for the next tourist or being pushed and shoved by too many people in the streets.

BUT there is one reason to leave the house. During the month of December the Guild of the Black Eagle a very special art collaborative opens its doors in an artists loft on the lower east side on 2nd Avenue between 5th and 6th street only a block and a half away from the home of Legends such as Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Nico. It's an invitation only gathering of artists, collectors, gallery owners and friends. And they all come to the "T-shirt Party".

The special thing is you bring a shirt and two or three famous artists are preparing silk screens in collaboration with one another or single pieces and will live and during the course of the whole evening screen the T-shirt you brought for 5$ per shirt. A great opportunity to purchase a limited edition one time only piece of someone's work that usually is at mid to high priced range and not available or affordable to everybody.

The party starts at 8.30 and it is packed by 8.15. Everyone brings bottles of wine and beer or the odd pack of cigarettes for one of the artists and by a price of $12 per pack they are gold to them. While everyone is chatting David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist and Marcus Poston begin their work. All around the huge loft there is art on the wall for purchase. An amazing collection walls and walls filled with work from the three resident artists and some collaboration works. Prices range from $100 to massive piece for $6000. But the longer the evening and the more people and of course red wine one by one the pieces get sold. The money made during this event is always put to a good cause.

Whether it is that they help one of their friends and fellow artists with a rent payment or a plane ticket to attend their openings in another city or whether it is just new art supplies the money spend always gives back which I absolutely love. It feels a bit like the NYC in the 70's or 80's when people used to come to the Factory or hang out at Dumbo being creative.

I meet H.R. Giger's agent, Greg Haberny and I strike a deal to show his work in Cologne during BLOOOM Art Fair 2011 and I get to congratulate Steve Ellis on his latest show before having a drink with members of "The phenomenal Handclap band" and share a drink with Liv who runs It's those nights that make NYC special to me or better that makes working in the art world special when art, fun and a proper amount of red wine bring people together and deals are made and honored by handshake.

(Yasha Young)

Yasha Young is an international gallerist with her Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, New York and London. She works as an editor and curated the first BLOOOM Art Fair in Cologne this autumn.
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LIV TAIT art critique extraordinaire / Photo: Yasha Young MARCUS POSTON  explaining the process / Photo: Yasha Young
DAVID HOCHBAUM making shirts / Photo: Yasha Young Goldmine Shithouse works / Photo: Yasha Young

creative face YASHA YOUNG on tour: Art in Miami

That one time in Miami ...

work by wen fang @ la bank gallery / photo: yasha young
Work by Wen Fang @ La Bank Gallery / Photo: Yasha Young
Dear oh dear it's this time of the year where we all come and gather around the mother of all art fairs Art Basel. The beautiful thing is that it is in Miami and I'm able to escape for a few days from the cold to be surrounded by art dealers, artists, art, creativity ... so I thought.